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General Conditions of Sales

General Conditions of Sales

Last modification: 10/10/2019

Server / service Configuration

We are not responsible for the configuration of a customer's service. We are only responsible for the hosting service basic. A client must be able to customize its own service before the purchase.

Be unable to personalize your service is not a valid reason to request a refund. An agent will help you remove these customizations (at the risk of data loss) you have made to your service if you wish.

We can provide you with a quote to customize your service, but it may cause loss of data and possible alterations. As we said above, we and our agents disclaim any liability for damages / data loss of your service.

Availability and performance

We do our best to provide a service with 100% availability. Unfortunately we can not provide it all the time, you will be notified if we need to decommission your server for actions such as scheduled maintenance.

Some services (especially services of games) are known to be likely to fail, we take no responsibility for any data loss that might occur. If your service crashes, restart it.


No refunds will be given under any circumstances on the purchase of GarryCoins. However, if you have purchased a server you can request, within 48 hours after purchase you will be reimbursed in GarryCoins.

Once the repayment is to be made, the service will be completed and the data is no longer recoverable.

Disputes PayPal

We have no tolerance on disputes PayPal, any person claiming a dispute will suspend his account immediately and services will be ended without refund. This nullifies the grace period of 48 hours and no refunds will be possible.

Delivery of the service

The installation of your services is instant but in some cases it may be that there has to be a delay, and it will require additional time. You can contact the support in order to speed up the delivery.


The customer is responsible for the creation of a cancellation request for its service, failing to create demand, new invoices will be generated and therefore charged from the payment method of the account holder. All payments made prior to cancellation will not be refunded, unless they are still in their grace period of 48 hours.

Billing Cycles

We offer you a billing cycle for the hosting monthly (1 month). At any time, you can choose to change your billing cycle, but the change will not take effect until the next billing date / renewal of the plan.


In order to renew your server, you must redeem GarryCoins. In the event of non-renewal of your service, he will be suspended 30 days after the last renewal. Once your server is suspended you will remain 10 days before the final deletion of your server and your data.

Data loss / prevention

We do not take responsibility for the loss of data in any form or reason whatsoever. Including the malfunction of the drive, the backups are corrupted, the system crashes, bad changes. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have backups solids regularly and off-line (on the customer's PC). However, we do backups regularly in order to avoid certain types of problems.

Customers do not have the right to :

  • Re-sell our services.
  • Use any of our services for actions or malicious activities.
  • To modify or read files outside of their server.
  • Use our service as a facility of mass storage.


We do not take responsibility of downtime following an attack, our machines are designed to withstand a certain amount of unwanted traffic.

Termination of the server

We reserve the right to terminate your server without notice at any time. A refund will usually be granted, but not guaranteed to anyone whose account has been terminated. In addition, in the case of non-use of the server, we reserve the right of the deleted (temporarily), all the data will be saved. You can request to recover your server at any moment and the days perduent you will be added. Note that this action is very rare, the more we try the more possible to get in touch with the customer concerned.


Nexifi is not responsible for donations / payments that are in exchange for goods, either virtual or physical on a server. By purchasing a server you agree to exclude any liability of Nexifi about the customer service / payments and disputes.

Changes to terms and conditions of sales

We reserve the right to modify our terms of use and our privacy policy at any time without informing our customers. It is the responsibility of the customer to regularly check for changes.

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